Prompt and Expert Furnace Repair and Service in King County

Does your HVAC system give you a hard time? We are a one-stop furnace repair service in King County able to handle any of your heating concerns.



Winters in King County are merciless, which means our heating furnaces get a throng time when errors are not an option whatsoever. Indeed, a malfunctioning furnace or an HVAC system may cost you too much: not only it does make your utility bills creep up because of inefficiency but also pose an array of safety concerns including gas leaks, carbon monoxide poisoning, and a fire hazard.

If you want to wile cold seasons away not only warmly but securely, too, it is important to know the contacts of a licensed and seasoned furnace repair crew in King County – like those at Value Homes Services.

With relevant background, decades of experience, and problem-solving mindsets, we have gained a reputation of the most trusted furnace service contractor in Seattle and nearby cities.

We made honesty and workmanship, and timeliness the three pillars of our business, which is why you can expect nothing but supreme furnace repair service when choosing us.
Whether you want to check your HVAC system before intensive exploitation or your furnace causes misgivings in a mid of winter, you can call Value Homes Services to get your heating issues solved swiftly and with masterly skill.

We have everything it takes for qualified furnace repair in Seattle: our trucks are fully stocked with factory authorized replacement parts and components to fix your problem on-site. We do understand that even several hours without a properly working furnace when it’s nasty outside can cause serious problems: frozen pipes, chilled rooms, and the inherent risk of catching a bad cold. With this in mind, we perform heating furnace repair utterly professionally and within the shortest time possible.


Our all-star HVAC service team consists of excellently trained NATE-certified technical specialists who are nuts on all types and brands of heating equipment on the market. Whether your furnace has become obsolete and you want to replace it for new, or your imported heating unit needs a portion of troubleshooting, there is no job too difficult for us!
We cooperate with both private and commercial clients in King County, offering affordable, yet high-quality furnace installation, repair, and maintenance services in such cities like Seattle, Kent, Redmond, Bellevue, Kirkland, and Issaquah.


Furnace services in King County

We are your indoor comfort local experts committed to protecting your property from weather caprices and high electricity bills. No matter what kind of problem your HVAC unit has, we have ample competence, strong background, and state-of-the-art tools to accurately diagnose the problem and erase it the same day.

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Furnace Installation

We install furnaces in Seattle and neighboring cities, and we do it with ultimate craftsmanship and dedication. We work with all types and models of HVAC equipment; and, along with providing unbeatable furnace installation services in King County, we can also advise you on choosing the right heating system to fit your specific heating requirements and budget.
We understand that mounting a new heating system is a big financial decision. For this reason, our company offers free estimates for installation/replacement of HVAC units. Without charging you a dollar, we arrive at your place to assess the property to be heated and then give our verdict concerning the best way to realize this project, recommending the most suitable products and brands to cope with this specific mission.

There is only one thing that we cannot do – to keep our clients waiting. Furnace downtimes must be addressed rapidly and with the best efforts, which is why our service trucks contain versatile equipment and spare parts to get the job done within mere hours.

When you trust Value Homes Services to install your new furnace, you can be confident that we will come at the scheduled time, perform the jobs to the highest standard with no fuss or noise, and leave your property clean as if no grandiose installations happened.  When you trust Value Homes Services to install your new furnace, you can be confident that we will come at the scheduled time, perform the jobs to the highest standard with no fuss or noise, and leave your property clean as if no grandiose installations happened. 

 Furnaces we install, repair, and maintain:

  • Central warm-air furnaces
  • Boilers
  • Heat pumps
  • Fireplaces
  • Ductless furnaces
  • Electric heaters
  • Any other heating system that you do or would like to possess


Furnace replacement

Even the newest furnaces become legacy and potentially dangerous over years, so furnace replacement is not a question of if but when. Let our fully licensed, bonded, insured HVAC technicians replace your gas, oil or electric furnace in King County.
If your current heating system has entered its second decade, repairs have become too frequent, your energy bills make you clutch your head while your property is not adequately heated, it is the time for a replacement.

With such a huge selection of furnace and HVAC units at the market, picking up the right may be daunting. Our experienced technicians will thoroughly evaluate your current heating usage patterns to recommend you the right HVAC or furnace equipment to meet your requirements.

After replacing an old heating system, we will come to your place again in 48 hours to check the performance and efficiency of new equipment.
All your furnace replacement and installation services come with a 2-year labor warranty and 10-year manufacturer’s warranty within which we deliver obligatory tune-ups and perform necessary repairs 100 % free of charge.

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Furnace maintenance

Prevention, savings, and safety – are the main reasons to have regular furnace check-ups. If you do not want to wake up in the middle of a winter night because it became suddenly cold; if you do not want monthly energy bills to drive you wild, if you do not want an abrupt explosion to send your property to hell – then you should have your furnace thoroughly and frequently inspected.

The main trick with furnaces and heating systems is that they masterly hide all signs of wear and tear, leaving you unsuspecting until it is too late…

With us, your furnace will never be neglected. We deliver furnace maintenance services in Seattle and all towns around and identify the tiniest bottlenecks in heating systems before they turn into great problems.

Our extensive experience in dealing with residential and commercial HVAC systems empowers us to detect and eliminate any malfunction in your heating equipment, giving you peace of mind that your property is on a safe side. We are certified and competent to service all brands and models of furnaces, no matter it is electrical, oil, gas or duel fuel.


Furnace repair

A good rule of thumb is not ignoring the slightest changes in your furnace performance. Abnormal energy bills, uneven rooms’ warming, intense smell, and sudden shutdowns are always red flags and compelling reasons to call a tried-and-true HVAC contractor in Seattle and get your furnace problems handled fast and expertly.

A broken or malfunctioning furnace presents a real risk of staying in the cold during severe temperatures. No matter the brand, model, year of production or your location in King County, you can always rely on the pro-grade furnace care from Value Homes Services.

There are several ways how you can benefit from our furnace repair and maintenance services:

1. The fairest pricing in King County – we will give an expert look at your current heating situation and give a transparent quote before the repair begins. Rest assured it will be the most moderate quote in Seattle or around because we believe your indoor comfort and safety must be easily available.

2. A large network of fully-trained and experienced furnace technicians near you, from Seattle Kent and Redmond to Bellevue, Kirkland, and Issaquah.

3. Unprecedented guarantees. If the HVAC or furnace unit we install starts malfunctioning or you are not satisfied with how it warms up your property, we will unquestionably remove it and give a full refund. If your furnace gives you a headache during the first ten years, we will fix it for free with all the parts and manual labor at our expense, of course.

4. Free maintenance. If you have hired us to replace an old and install a new HVAC or furnace appliance to your home or business, we will do authorized check-ups for free to detect and prevent any accidents with your heating system.


If you are used to service excellence, we have got you covered: no matter the type of problem with your furnace, we are ready and able to address it with unmatched professionalism and reliability.

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